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The Noble Order of Knights and Ladies of Marshall is a Catholic friendly society founded in 1926 with two primary objectives. First, to bring Catholic men and women together for effective lay apostolate and Catholic action and second, to provide a friendly social forum for Catholics who might otherwise be attracted to non-Catholic societies.

Supreme Knight, Sir Kt. Bro Ambrose Yennah

Supreme Knight, Sir Kt. Bro Ambrose Yennah

Most Respected Lady Grace Budu-Smith, the Grand Lady

The Noble Order was named after Sir. James Marshall an English Judge of the then Gold Coast whose relentless efforts led to the re-founding of the Catholic Church in the country in 1880 after nearly 250 years of the breakdown of the first attempt at establishing it.

Presently, the Noble Order has an approximate membership of about 10,000 literate practicing Catholic ladies and gentlemen spread through  Councils and Courts in Ghana, Togo, Benin, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso  and London. The Order also has Junior Order wings attached to the adult Councils and Courts.

(Supreme Knight, Sir Kt. Bro Ambrose Yennah/Grand Lady – Most Respected Lady Sis Alice Stella Ayebi)