Ladies of Marshall


The Ladies of Marshall, the women’s wing of the Noble Order was formed from three separate Catholic Associations based in Ghana and Togo.

 They were:

(i) The Thais Lodge of Ghana

(ii) Catholic Daughters of Ghana and

(iii) The Noble Ladies of St Anthony of Togo.

Thais lodge derived its name from Rev Mother Thais, one of the early nuns who was known to have done excellent religious, social and educational work for girls in Elmina, Cape Coast and Kumasi. Its headquarters was in Kumasi. Catholic Daughters of Ghana derived its name and organizational scheme from the Catholic Daughter of America, and American Catholic Ladies Association formed by the Knights of Columbus of the United States of America in 1903. Daughters of Ghana had their headquarters in Cape Coast.

The Noble Ladies of St Anthony was a Catholic Ladies Association in Togo with its headquarters in Lome. On 1st June, 1969, the Supreme Council Standing Committee of the Knights of Marshall accepted the final recommendations of the Working Committee to merge the three Catholic Associations into one single association to be known as Ladies of Marshall.

The Ladies of Marshall was duly and legally established on 20th December, 1969 with the Motto:Unity, Charity and Service, sharing in all the principles and tenets of the Noble Order of the Knights of Marshall in love of neighbour and service to the Catholic Church.

Currently, there are 123 Courts operating in Ghana, Togo, Benin, Liberia, Burkina Faso, and the United Kingdom. The Headquarters of the Ladies of Marshall is located in Kumasi.