Join Us


How to join?
Interested and eligible Catholics may join by contacting any existing member or applying through any Catholic Priest in any Parish where the Knights of Marshall is available.
Any such requests will be vetted and approved applicants would be admitted at an official meeting of the Noble Order.
Why join?
The Noble Order is a purely Catholic friendly society which brings together catholic men for effective Lay Apostolate and Catholic Action providing a forum for friendly social fraternity within its membership.
It provides a gathering of men of goodwill bonded in the spirit of Charity and Service to humanity.
If you are minded to defend, promote and live the Catholic faith and exemplify loyalty to the hierarchy of the Church.

Who can join (eligibility)?

Any literate and practicing Catholic or communicant and between the ages of 18 and 60 years.
Men of good character not convicted by any court of competent jurisdiction for an offense involving dishonest or moral turpitude
Any person who is gainfully employed/occupied and medically fit and of temperate habits.
Persons not known to be publicly and persistently defiant of the hierarchy of the Church.


Becoming a member?
Members are grouped under Councils and Regions and rise through ranks of superiority and responsibility.
The Knights of Marshall is affiliated to a number of other Catholic Orders around the world and some International Organizations and members therefore may associate with these organizations once you are in good standing.