Grand Court Officers

Immediate Past Grand Lady MRL Sis Margaret Yirenkyi
Grand Lady MRL Sis Alice Ayebi
Deputy Grand Lady RL Sis Grace Budu Smith
Past Grand Secretary RL Sis.Christina Buadu
Grand Secretary – Elected RL Sis Mary Appiah Kubi
Asst. Grand Secretary – Appointed RL Sis. Felicity Mary Tattrah
Asst. Grand Secretary
Asst. Grand Secretary Francophone – Retained  RL Sis Ossenih Marie Rene
Grand Secretary of Finance RL Sis Regina Lily Loglo
Assist. Grand Sec. Finance – London RL Sis Patience Osanquaye
Grand Treasurer – Retained RL Sis Irene Smith
Grand Auditor – Appointed RL Sis Mary Ajongba-Sik
Grand Propagandist  – appointed RL Sis.Cynthia Baffour
Asst. Gr. Propagandist / Youth Coordinator- London RL Sis Barbara Ntow-Boahene
Asst. Gr. Pr. Western/Central – Appointed RL Sis Augustina Erskine Essilfie
Asst. Gr. Pr. Ashanti/BA – Appointed RL Sis Monica Barimah Koranteng
Asst. Gr. Propagandist Togo/Benin – Appointed  RL.Sis.Immacule Affanou
Asst. Gr. Pr. Asst. Gr. Pr. Northern Regions – Retained  RL.Sis.Rose Kasei
Asst. Gr. Pr. Asst. Gr. Pr. Volta  Region – Retained  RL.Sis.Juliana Amati
Grand Advocate – Retained  RL Sis Elizabeth Anderson Yebuah
Asst. Grand Advocate – Appointed  RL.Sis Cynthia Lassey Ibrahim
Grand Physician – Retained  RL Sis Dr Agatha Akua Bonney
Asst. Grand Physician – Appointed  RL Sis Victoria Anafi
Grand Reader and Examiner – Appointed  RL Sis Doris Ahlijah
Asst. Gr. Reader and Examiner – Appointed  RL Sis Theresa Irene Aidoo
Asst. Gr. Reader and Examiner Francophone – Retained  MRL.Sis.Olivia Kuevi
Asst. Gr. Reader and Examiner Francophone – Appointed MRL.Sis.Marie Estelle Boevi
Grand Sentry – Appointed  RL Sis Veronica Mintah
Grand Tyler – Appointed  RL Sis Josephine Dodd
Asst. Grand Tyler – Appointed  RL Sis Charlotte Plange
Grand communication Officer – Appointed  RL Sis Clare Banoeng Yakubo
Asst. Grand communication Officer – Appointed  RL.Sis.Esther Maame Ansaba Abakah
Grand Youth Co-ordinator – appointed  RL Sis Gloria Bramson
Asst. Gr Y. Co-od Volta – Appointed  RL Sis Doris  Forson
Asst. Gr. Y. Co-od Accra/Eastern – Appointed  RL.Sis Joyce Owusu Ansah
Asst. Gr. Y. Co-od B/A – Appointed  RL.Sis.Mercy Osei Agyeman
Asst. Gr. Y. Co-od Togo/Benin – Appointed RL.Sis.Olivia Aziadapou
Asst. G. Y. C –Western/Central appointed RL.Sis.Emelia Arthur
Asst.G.Y.C – Northern Regions- Appointed RL.Sis.Vida Abaseka
Charity Fund Chairperson – Retained  RL Sis Adelaide Benneh
G.Y.C-Tertiary Institutions – Appointed  RL Sis Benedicta Eshun
G.Y.C-Tertiary Institutions – Appointed  RL Sis Theresa Song-Aabo
G.Y.C-Tertiary Institutions – Appointed RL.Sis.Philomena Osei
Paraphernalia Chairperson – Appointed  MRL Sis Margaret Gaisie Essilfie
Project Committee   Chairperson-Retained RL.Sis.Felicity Acquah
Standing Committee Co-opted member-Appointed RL.Sis.Alberta Puobiereh
Standing Committee Co-opted member-Appointed RL.Sis.Mary Osei
Standing Committee Co-opted member-Appointed Mary Markham
Standing Committee Co-opted member-Appointed RL.Sis.Charity M. Banahene